Brush-Keeper MAKES PAINTing FUN, EASY AND sustainABLE !

Brushkeeper BV

BrushKeeper B.V. develops and produces innovative paint-related products that are very convenient to use but also contribute to a cleaner world. The first products are EcoBrush and BrushKeeper both size 14.


The EcoBrush is a professional brush suitable for acrylic and alkyd and very DURABLE due to the stainless steel can, synthetic bristles and unpainted handle. Size 14 is the most used size, other sizes will follow later.


BrushKeeper is a brush holder in which round brushes can be stored so that they do not dry out and damage.

EcoBrush, in combination with BrushKeeper, is a perfect match and the most SUSTAINABLE paintbrush available!

Upcoming products:

At the moment only size 14 is available. Sizes 10, 12, 16 and 18 and possibly some sizes for flat brushes will be on the market in a few months.

BrushKeeper is also developing for the professional market and a paint can opener and shutter, a handy tool to open and close paint cans.

BrushKeeper BV

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