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Handy, durable and cheap.

The Ecobrush is a professional paintbrush, suitable for acrylic and alkyd that comes with a Brushkeeper in which, without having to clean it first, it can be easily stored for up to 5 days so that the brush does not dry out or damage.

For longer storage, months, years, fill the Brushkeeper with water or turpentine, depending on the type of paint, and the Ecobrush also gets clean by itself.
You don’t have to mess around with foil or sandwich bags, no brush bristles in your paint and a streak-free professional result. Moreover, it is very durable.
Want this too? Then buy Brushkeeper with Ecobrush and experience the benefits of years of trouble-free painting with pleasure! They are available in sizes 10, 12, 14 and 16 and can be ordered directly with 10% discount from the manufacturer via the button below.

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The Normal Package contains a high-quality Ecobrush and a Brushkeeper. The Ecobrush has a finely sanded, unpainted steel for good grip, a cosmetic can and synthetic bristles for both acrylic and alkyd paint. The Brushkeeper is a recyclable PET bottle with a rubbery edge that seals the brush airtight, so that it can remain without contamination for up to 5 days.

Economy Pack

This package offers the same professional Ecobrush and Brushkeeper as the Normal Package, but at a cheaper price. Ideal for long-term use and cost savings.


The Specials contain unique offers and variations of the Ecobrush and Brushkeeper, sometimes with additional accessories. Perfect for special needs or offers.

Super Handy

Put your dripping paintbrush in the Brushkeeper without cleaning and it will be protected against drying out and damage for at least 5 days. Filled with water or turpentine (depending on the type of paint) it remains perfect for months and years and cleans itself!


Very cheap

You obtain a professional paintbrush for many years including a Brushkeeper for the price of a good paintbrush. The Ecobrush does not loose hair and the split ends give you a very nice professional long lasting result.

Extremely sustainable

All microplastics from the paint (even watercolor is full of them) are collected in the Brushkeeper and emptied into the waste bin. That saves tons of microplastics in the environment every year. The Ecobrush is a professional brush and can last for many years. As a result, disposable brushes are no longer needed and you prevent tons of CO2 from entering the environment every year! There is also a lot of savings on plastic or aluminum foil and turpentine as well as time and all is Handmade in Holland with the smallest CO2 footprint.

What others say

Eva T.User
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Nice to give away as an original EcoKado
Stefan P.User
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Really SUPER. It really does what it promises and the brush does not lose any hair
Mohammed A.User
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The brush is so soft and you can see that in the smooth result
Jan v. P.User
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I left it in it dry for 2 weeks and it was still perfect!




Why Brush Keeper?

The Brushkeeper protects your paintbrush against drying out and damage and ensures that the brush lasts a very long time. Hardly anyone “wears out” a paintbrush. Most are thrown away because they dried out. That is why millions of paintbrushes are unnecessarily thrown away every year that, if properly treated, could have been used for many years to come. All the more so because they are often produced in Asia and have already had an enormous journey before being used, tons of CO2 are unnecessarily released into the environment. This is easily prevented with Brushkeeper. All is Handmade in Holland with a very small CO2 footprint.

Watch Brushkeeper in action

The sympathetic DIY guru Dennis Mulder, known from the Dutch TV program Huis&Tuin, has been using Brushkeeper with Ecobrush for many years with great pleasure. He shows how useful it is.

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