How does it work?                                 

During a paint job you put your used paintbrush in the Brushkeeper (PET bottle with rubber sealing ring) without cleaning it. Then the brush is protected against damage and dehydration for at least 5 days. If you fill the Brushkeeper with water or white spirit (depending on the type of paint) for longer storage (months, years), your brush will remain in perfect condition. Together with Ecobrush, a sustainable paintbrush, it is very handy. It will clean itself within a few days! If necessary, you can empty the Brushkeeper in the rubbish bin. As a result, the microplastics (even watercolors are full of them) do not end up in the environment.

– NO more mess with foil or sandwich bags

– DO NOT use a dried out paintbrush in a jar

– NO more microplastics in the environment

— NO more disposable brushes needed.

– NO wastage of foil, turpentine and time

– NO problem with breaks because you can stop at any time and start again with a perfect paintbrush.

How does it look?

Brushkeeper is a universal holder for standard round paint brushes and exists in 2 variants, Brushkeeper de Luxe (for handymen and consumers for short and long term storage) and Brushkeeper PRO (for professional painters for short term storage; climbing a ladder).

Brushkeeper de Luxe is a PET bottle with a silicone-like top (for a perfect airtight seal) in which your paintbrush can be stored during a break, without having to clean it first, so that it does not dry out or damage it. For longer storage (months, years), fill the Brushkeeper with water or turpentine (depending on the type of paint). Then your paintbrush will remain in perfect condition and you will always have a flexible brush available. Brushkeeper de Luxe is available in standard sizes 10, 12, 14 and 16. Other sizes will also follow later for flat brushes.

Perfect match with Ecobrush: Although Brushkeeper de Luxe is suitable for all standard round brushes, together with Ecobrush it is the most convenient and durable paintbrush and holder on the planet because:

CONVENIENT: Ecobrush is a professional paint brush with synthetic bristles (does not lose hair and has split ends for perfect results), suitable for acrylic and alkyd, which cleans itself. The Ecobrush has a fully molded stainless steel bush against rust and no air escapes between the bristles and the handle. The Ecobrush also has an unpainted very finely sanded handle made of sustainable wood that is perfectly balanced and provides a good grip. No mess with plastic foil etc.

SUSTAINABLE: because the microplastics from the paint are collected in the Brushkeeper and it can be emptied into the rubbish bin, no more microplastics enter the environment (saves tons of microplastics per year!). The Ecobrush is made of sustainable materials and lasts a very long time, so that disposable brushes are no longer necessary (saves tons of CO2 per year!). It saves plastic and/or aluminum, turpentine, mess and time. Everything is produced in the Netherlands with the smallest possible CO2 footprint.

Brushkeeper PRO is a cap that you can put on your paintbrush during the break (up to 3 days) so that it does not dry out or damage it. You can also put the paintbrush with Brushkeeper in your pocket when climbing a ladder. Due to a flat piece on the edge, it does not roll away and because the center of gravity is within the Brushkeeper, the paint always runs out of the brush and the handle remains easy to grip. Brushkeeper PRO is available in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18. Later other sizes will also follow for flat brushes.