My name is Hubert Verheijen. I was born in Amsterdam, raised in Voorburg and grew wise in Rotterdam where I studied economics and business administration. I am married, father of 3 sons and live in Vught. After my studies I worked at KPN International Business and Fokker Aircraft and then as an independent entrepreneur with, among other things, my own furniture factory and a studio for violins, violas, cellos and double basses. In 2010 I sold my companies and started developing earlier inventions such as Sunshower and Vitapanel. I have now developed 102 products, 3 of which I have patented, Intomast (a hoisting and lowering system for flags; there are 4 at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen See YouTube:INTOMAST), Rusk patent (easy to remove a rusk from a rusk tin without a dent ) and for BrushKeeper there is a world patent pending. I am also working on StabilTabil, a table that can always be placed horizontally on uneven surfaces, EasyCan, a Resealable Can end (making (coke) cans resealable) and Vitapanel, a panel in the shower with LEDs against vitamin D deficiency.


Brushkeeper is a product with a large potential market and fits perfectly in the sustainability society. Do you recognize this? You want to paint but the brush is dried out in a jar. It is rock hard and unusable and must be disposed of as chemical waste. With BrushKeeper this is a thing of the past. With BrushKeeper you always have a ready-to-use flexible brush at home. BrushKeeper is a handy bottle with a rubber-like spout-shaped opening in which a brush can easily be inserted (without cleaning first) during a paint job (up to 5 days) or with liquid for a longer period of time (months, years) so that it does not dry out or damage .Then the Ecobrush will be completely clean within a few days! If you want to use another color, just put a small amount of liquid in the Brushkeeper and shake the Ecobrush clean in a few minutes. If needed repeat a few times.  Together with Eco-Brush, a professional brush, suitable for both acrylic and alkyd, it forms a perfect match and is the most durable paint brush that exists!

In addition to the round Ecobrushes sizes 10, 12, 14 and 16, 3 flat Ecobrushes with Brushkeeper will also be produced this year in sizes 30, 40 and 50 mm.


Why is Brushkeeper with Ecobrush the most sustainable paintbrush?

With Ecobrush, having synthetic bristles suitable for acrylic and alkyd, you have a professional paintbrush for decades. This saves on disposable brushes and expensive brushes that are dried out in a jar. In the Netherlands alone, millions of brushes are unnecessarily thrown away every year. You also save on turpentine and plastic foil. Because the Ecobrush cleans itself and all microplastics from the paint do not end up in the sink, but in the Brushkeeper, which can be emptied in the waist bin, you avoid tons of microplastics in the environment! The whole is manufactured in a sustainable manner, such as an unpainted handle of sustainable wood, a recyclable stainless steel canister, synthetic hair (so no pig emissions), recyclable PET bottle, show card, display and packaging and everything is produced in the Netherlands with as small a possible CO2 footprint.